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11 Types of Empaths

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Which Empath Superpowers do you have? 11 Types of Empaths 


My name is Dr. Nicole Lunan, a 10-year energy healer and emotional intelligence specialist, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of MoodMe, a new app that allows couples to share 400 + moods, emotions, and desires with their lover, thus making communication simple, fun, and super easy. 


The trademark of an empath is feeling and absorbing other’s emotions or physical symptoms because of their high sensitivity. But did you know that empaths are rumored to have far more superpowers? 


Empaths can possess many different traits that allow them to be good at picking up information in particular ways. Today we will be going over 11 superpowers or gifts that empaths have and the ability to feel and share others’ emotions. 


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1. Earth Empath


Earth empaths are attuned to the natural world and all of the earth’s changes. Earth empaths get deeply recharged by being out in nature because the earth is your therapy. A beautiful sunset or a waterfall is profoundly fulfilling for an earth empath. Swimming in the ocean or being next to a large body of water deeply calms you. That being said, you are also sensitive to the damage to the earth, so things like pollution, littering, and destruction of natural places like forests truly upset you. You care about the earth because you can feel her as if you would feel another person. 

You have a green thumb; you know what plants want and desire because you can communicate with them. You can also pick up energy from the land and have inclinations when natural disasters are coming. For example, you can tell when an earthquake is about to hit. Your mood may change drastically with the weather. For instance, Thunderstorms can bring you a mixture of dread and excitement. Or maybe you feel slow, melancholy, and deeply reflective when it rains. 


If you have this superpower, one way you can recharge yourself is to go out into nature! Go barefoot in the sand, or sink your hands in the dirt. Be with the mother and soak up all of her powerful goodness.  


2. Animal Empath


An animal empath is someone who can relate to animals. Just as a traditional empath is with humans, an animal empath can take energy from an animal or give an animal its energy. You’ll know you are an animal empath when Animals naturally gravitate toward you. For example, you’re walking down the street, and a lost pup comes up to you and psychically says, “I need help finding my home,” or maybe your friend's cat jumps on your lap and takes a nice relaxing nap. One of the wildest stories I heard is about a wild donkey following an animal empath on a hike. They are extremely comfortable around you and let their guard down. 

Animals are so intelligent and emotionally in tune; there’s a reason why we trust people who are like animals because they know a highly vibrational person when they see one. 

Animal empaths talk to animals like they’re human beings, like having full-on conversations. The animal doesn’t speak to you back in the way humans speak, but they communicate telepathically and through their emotions. So, what makes the connection between animals and empaths so strong? It is because animal empaths are genuinely in-tune with all creatures, including animals and humans. They are able to read the moods of animals and understand their needs at pretty much any given time. In fact, a true animal empath can even influence the behavior of some animals. 


3. Physical Empath 


A physical empath can pick up on another’s physical pain. You can pinpoint where the pain is coming from; you may also be able to visualize another person’s pain in the form of actual markers like dark clouds or blockages. You may also be able to feel another person’s pain in your body. For example, you may sit next to a friend and immediately pick up on the fact that she has a headache and even more that the headache is caused by her inability to see correctly. You may unconsciously body scan people and be able to see or feel when there is a buildup on a particular part of the body. You often receive sympathy pain for another person; for example, your partner could have a toothache, and you wake up the next day with the same feeling of a toothache in the exact spot as your partner. Physical empaths make great doctors, nurses, and healers because of their natural ability to get to the root of the physical pain and problem. When a physical empath stands in their power, they have the ability to touch many people’s lives. Physical empaths need to make sure to focus on daily self-care routines like meditation, salt baths, and exercise that help clear out the energies of others. 


4. Emotional Empath


Emotional empaths pick up on others’ emotions. Most empaths have the superpower as the base of their empath abilities. Emotional empaths can read and feel the emotions of others easily without others having to explain what they are going through or how they feel. You are sensitive to the shift of emotions in large crowds or rooms. Those who have harnessed this superpower can dive really into the emotional world of another, not only being aware of the top layer of emotions but the deeper ones that another may not even be consciously aware of. 


5. Intuitive/ Claircognizant Empath 


If you are an intuitive or claircognizant empath, you can download information about another person’s life with little to no prior knowledge. This person doesn’t have to be in the room with you; you have an antenna that can pick information from anyone you choose to attune to. You combine the feeling of empathy, the ability understands and shares the emotions of others with instinct and perception. You may get gut feelings or hunches about your or other people’s lives and situations. You magically know things about people. You have the ability to play with time and jump into the past, the present, and the future. You can play out situations, strategize for an ideal outcome, and feel powerful urges to avoid problems and people or take another direction. You have a good relationship with your “guiding voice,” and you listen to it. You can also hear others’ “guiding voices” and relate the messages to the person you’re speaking with. You may even receive visions or dreams when you are awake of situations that are about to occur. Many believe that empathy and intuition are the same things, but they’re different; intuition is more than just being sensitive to another person’s emotions. It gives insight into another’s life or situation as you get downloads of information without any solid evidence or rationale. When empathy and intuition meet together, a unique superpower is born, and those who hold this superpower have a special gift. 


6. Dream Empath 


If you are a dream empath, you pick up information about others through your dreams. You can remember your dreams and identify the symbolism of what is to come, or your dreams are a replica of what happens. Probably get Déjà vu a lot because you’ve already dreamt about things that have happened, and you get a strange sense of familiarity while it’s happening. If you are a dream empath, you can harness your superpower by keeping a dream diary and keeping track of what dreams you experience and what they mean to you. 


7. Psychometric Empath


Psychometric empaths are susceptible to inanimate objects. You can receive energy from photographs, furniture, or a necklace. You can gather information about who owned this object and what energy was around this object. For example, if you bought a wedding ring from a thrift store, you may be extremely sensitive to the person who wore it before you; the ring may even sway your moods and emotions as the prior owner’s energy mixes with yours. Psychometric empaths must be careful about wearing or owning objects that are old and worn by many. If you sense that the thing has a dark past, get far away from it before the energy starts to seep out. Remember to cleanse and clear any object that you buy from a thrift store or that isn’t brand new. Also, watch out for living in older buildings, as buildings hold a ton of history, and you may be extremely sensitive to it. 


8. Telepathic Empath


If you are a telepathic empath, you can quite literally hear other people’s thoughts and emotions. You may answer questions that people are asking in their minds out loud. You know what other people are ruminating about without any solid evidence. Your timing is impeccable. The person doesn’t need to be in the room with you; you can hear people’s thoughts from miles away. You can quite literally see into the minds of others. Telepathic empaths can also see and hear other people’s thoughts through visions, colors, and images. Whatever the telepathic empath favors. There’s little privacy with a telepathic empath as they can read your mind and emotions. Don’t want to lie to a telepathic empath; they will know! Therefore, they are drawn to genuine and honest people, making things a lot less complicated. 


9. Precognitive Empath


If you are a precognitive empath, you have the ability to predict or see the future. This gift is challenging because you may know when something unpleasant is coming, but it’s hard or impossible to change the outcome. You know who is about to call you before the phone rings. You know not to go to a party because something terrible will happen there. You know which numbers to play at the casino. You get visions about other people’s futures. You get suddenly anxious when you feel like something terrible is about to happen. You may often find yourself warning others about things that you think will happen, and then they happen, and it surprises you because you had this deep hunch that things would play out that way.


10. Medium or Psychic Empath


If you have the ability to medium as an empath, you have the ability to pick up emotions and information from those who have passed away, ghosts, or spirits. You may see or sense that another spirit is hovering around you or other people.  Or maybe a doorway appears, and you see an outline of an energy standing there wanting to talk to you, or you get a tap on your shoulder, and you immediately feel that a spirit is standing behind you. This spirit will speak to you telepathically and give you messages. Maybe this spirit wants to find healing so that it can move on and finish its business, or perhaps it wants you to relay a message to its loved one. Many people are skeptical of this ability as an empath, and that’s ok. But there are empath mediums out there that can describe your loved one to a T without any prior knowledge or information, and they can tell you things that only your loved one would have known, down to their favorite song, phrase, or things that they only said to you. So how would you explain that? A stranger knows something intimately about the connection between you and your loved one who passed away. I know I can’t.


11. Spiritual Empath 


A spiritual empath is someone sensitive in the world of spirit and energy. You can feel living beings that do not have a physical body here on the earth. Not just people who have passed away but angels, demons, spirit guides, and other non-physical beings. Spiritual empaths are talented at channeling or downloading, or listening to information that is believed to be from another being that is not earthbound. Spiritual empaths are also in tune with the energy systems of others or the chakra systems. They can feel when a charka is blocked in another or when they have a negative or dark entity feeding off their energy field. They can warn off darker energies or demons and cut off draining attachments. They may also have the gift of being able to remove energetic blockages. They are able to sense things about other people’s past lives or lives that they lived before this one. Spiritual empaths are talented at astral projection and can leave their body and travel to different dimensions. They gather information there and bring it back to the earthly dimension. They also understand the power of rituals, thoughts, and intentions. 


Alright, alright, we have gone through 11 different empath superpowers! Really fun and exciting stuff. Which superpowers do you have? Leave a comment in the section below, and let’s discuss! This video is one of many in the empath master class series! So keep an eye out for upcoming videos, subscribe, share, like, and see you Moodlings!


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