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The Creation of MoodMe

Find out more about MoodMe and its founders below!


MoodMe was founded by Dr. Nicole Lunan and Patrick M., an interracial couple from two
completely different backgrounds working through one of the hardest aspects of relationships –
communication. The idea was born from the simple concept of sending emojis to each other
that were coded for particular moods and emotions. They found that it was much easier to tell
each other how they were feeling and what they desired when there was already a pre-existing
simplified language. Phrases like, “I desire space”, “I’m deeply in love with you” or “I’m feeling
vulnerable” were sent to each other in a creative and fun way, therefore taking the fear and
seriousness out of the communication process. In a world where everyone utilizes technology,
we wanted to create something that would serve as a tool to help others heal through the use
of technology, something that wouldn’t leave people feeling isolated, but seen, heard, and
validated. There are plenty of social media platforms that focus on macro communities, and
that’s where people get lost. MoodMe focuses on micro circles, it enables you to pay close
attention to those you deeply care about, and in this time and age, this is not only super
helpful but necessary. To make communication easier, MoodMe’s research team created
+400 pre-written and researched moods. This was done with the intention to re-invent the
feelings wheel and to increase emotional awareness through the power of naming emotions.

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