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Is Your Gut Feeling: Fear or Intuition?

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Is Your Gut Feeling: Fear or Intuition?


What are the distinct differences between the intuitive voice and the fearful voice? And which one should we trust? 


First, let’s look at the definition of intuition: 


How do we define intuition? 


  • Intuition is this all-knowing feeling; it’s like a download of information that just comes down through the top of our heads and into the stomach, thus producing an “aha” moment.

  • Intuition is a muscle that picks up information from present surroundings, subtle clues + signs that may not be super apparent on the shallow layer. But on the deeper layer of emotions, spirit, and energy, intuition picks up things that are not seen as quickly. 

  • Intuition takes all the information gathered and gives us the best way to handle a situation. 

  • Intuition comes from a calm and mindful state that is not emotional and is, therefore, objective to the energy or messages that come through. 


How to know when it is fear? 


Fear is an egoic response usually triggered by past trauma or future anxieties. It is not rooted in the present moment. Fear is ruled by our inner critic and often has a deprecating, rude, and demeaning voice. It will tell you that certain things will happen and follow up with a “Because you’re not good enough,” “Because you can’t trust anyone,” or “why even bother when you will fail.” The fearful voice will lower our personal power and discourages us.  


When we are already stressed out about something and actively searching or craving an answer, this is an opportunity where fear can smell our desperation, and we start activating the dark imagination and fearful story-making. When we are already wound up about an issue, we will project that fear onto everything else around us. Thus worrying + anxiety doesn’t produce clear answers. 


Intuition vs. Fear


So, remember, the voice of fear is loud and negative, and the voice of intuition is a calm, supportive whisper or nudge. 

If we could depict this into characters, it would look like a bully vs. a nurturing mother or grandmother, like Grandmother Willow off Pocahontas.  


Feelings-wise, fear feels tight and restrictive, like a tornado of chaos is swarming around your mind. 


While intuition feels soothing, like a warm liquid cleansing our minds and bodies, this warmth can ebb and flow and lead us gently in the right direction. 


Accurate intuition happens when we are least expecting it, when our attention is elsewhere, and the answers to our questions have the chance to just flow in. The information received is not emotionally charged, meaning it won’t send you spiraling into a darker place but instead leave you with a deep feeling of clarity and stability. 


Ignoring the signs 


Sometimes, our intuition will tell us things we don’t want to hear and ask us to take action. When we mute our intuition and act out of fear, we are self-sabotaging. We might want to run away from ourselves because we are scared to grow and change. This is typically where we experience the universe's “smackdown,” meaning that the universe tried to whisper to you. Since you’re choosing not to listen, the universe will find a more powerful way to get your attention. We want to avoid this “smackdown” because it's super painful, and it hurts, and you learn to listen to the gentle nudges here and there. 


How can you build your intuitive muscle? 


Learn to recognize your fearful voice, don’t suppress it, don’t try to control it; and once we can become familiar with what that fearful voice sounds like and build awareness around this voice, then we can choose to lower its’ volumes and take it out of the driver seat or our life. 

Intuition and trust go hand in hand. 


Learning to trust intuition takes a little bit of work, but it’s fun work. 


  • One powerful exercise is to write down hunches or talk about them with loved ones and then sit back and see if it happens. 

  • Once you see these hunches transpiring, it will be easier to trust your intuition and that beautiful, helpful voice. 

  • You’ll be able to get more familiar with when intuition is being activated and what it feels like in your body. 

  • Mindfulness helps us become more in touch with our intuition. Therefore, practicing mindfulness through activities like meditation, journaling, and yoga will bring you closer to your higher self and intuition. 

  • Have you ever made a decision based on gut instinct and then witnessed a huge payoff? Or heard a super soothing voice tell you everything was going to be okay?


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