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5 Tips on How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest

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5 tips on How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest 


Do you ever sit and wonder why some people can attract success in a way that seems effortless? It’s like one day, they’re sitting with you at lunch with a new idea, they’re excited, and you can feel that motivating energy radiating off of them. And you think, “ah, that’s a great idea,” and forget about it for a while. Because a lot of people talk about their ideas, but not many actually make them happen. Then not too long after, you see that they achieved exactly what they sought out to do. One reason this happens is because they are tapped into the law of attraction. 


The law of attraction is whatever you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, feel intensely about, you will bring about.” This concept was highlighted in a book called The Secret, personally one of my all-time favorite books. 


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Anyways, we are all made out of energy, especially our thoughts, and our thoughts, when properly directed, can have a huge impact on what we attract into our lives. We attract whatever we give our attention and focus to. Imagine that our thoughts are little messengers that go and tap on people, situations, and things and bring them to you. We are always kind of surprised when it happens. Like, why did my friend, who I was just thinking about, call me? Because your thoughts attracted this person to you. Or wow, I just got a job offer from the company I always wanted to work with. It didn’t come to you just by luck; it came to you because you were magnetizing the opportunity to you either consciously or subconsciously.


So, the question is, how can we tap into this innate power of using our thoughts to bring what we desire into our lives? Well, here are five tips that are certain to help.  


Tip 1: Decide What You Want + Write it Down 


The first step to manifesting is to get really clear on what you want. The universe can be a little bit of a trickster, so make sure that you are very detailed about what you desire. For example, if you want a new job, put down how much money you want to make, what kind of job culture you’re looking for, and where you want it to be. The more detailed, the better. Indecisiveness is a cock blocker when it comes to manifesting. If you keep changing your mind, the universe won’t know what to bring you because your vision isn’t clear. Don’t hold back, either. Shift your mindset and open your mind to possibilities. In an ideal world, what do you want to manifest? Brainstorm and write it down. Place the paper somewhere you can see every day. 


Tip: 2 Spark Your Emotions  


Emotions are super powerful when it comes to manifesting. We can positively spark our emotions by visualizing and imagining what it would feel like to get what we are asking for. An easy way to do this is to write a letter as your future self-describing what it feels like to have what you want. For example, if your goal is to manifest more income, write about what it feels like to see checks being deposited into your bank account. What it feels like to have multiple sources of income coming to you and how that makes you feel empowered. What kind of things you’d like to buy with this new income? How this income is changing the way, you think about yourself and the world. We need to get your creative juices flowing in order to spark your emotions and influence your mind to think you’ve already gotten it. 


Tip 3: Believe that you deserve it


This step is super important. Self-worth drives manifesting. The more you feel that you deserve what you are asking for, the easier it will come to you. Your inner critic is your enemy when it comes to manifesting. When you ask for things, that negative voice starts talking. Shut it down. Say, shut the ***** up.  Talk back to it. And say, yes, I do. Yes, I will. Yes, I am enough. And no, I am not going to listen to you anymore. Press the mute button on your inner critic and turn up the volume on your self-worth. Write down the reasons why you deserve what you are asking for. Don’t be shy about it. Hype yourself up. You have to be your number one cheerleader. Because once you truly believe that you deserve something, you will receive it. 


Tip 4: Take Action  


“By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action, you will receive.” You have to take action steps towards your desire. You have to do the work. There’s no way around this. For example, if you want your dream body, you have to get in the gym and work out. You have to eat healthily. We’re not going to wake up one day and magically have our dream body without putting in the work. Break down your larger goal into smaller action steps. Begin checking off these actions steps one by one. Every day do a task that will bring you closer to your goal. When you take action, you will believe that you deserve it more. 


Tip 5: Trust that it will come to you 


There is something to be said about timing. The universe knows timing better than we do. It will bring you what you want in good time. So be patient. Don’t get too edgy about your desire not manifesting quickly enough. If you force it, you will become resentful, and you’ll block yourself from receiving it. Learn to let go a little bit. It helps to have hobbies and activities that don’t have to do with what you are manifesting. Balance your life out with fun! Read a good book, go dancing, go to brunch, smile, and laugh. If you are taking the action steps to get there and your thoughts are in the right place, you have nothing to worry about. Trust that it will come to you. Believe that it is already yours and has already happened. 


That wraps up our five times on how to use the law of attraction to manifest. If you like our videos, please remember to like, share, and subscribe. Let us know how your manifesting is going, and leave your answers in the comment section below and see you later, moodlings. 

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