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There's a Mood For That

Instantly Track Your Moods and Communicate Your Emotions with this App


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MoodMe: Your New Emotional Companion App

The app that opens a channel for honest and loving communication through personalized colors and emojis.

Make uncomfortable conversations playful and easy.

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Are you hiding your real emotions behind these phrases?

"I'm Fine"

A common phrase for something is wrong, but I don't know how or don't want to talk about it

"Everything's Okay.."

We think it's time for you to sign up for MoodMe!


An easy escape from a real conversation

Express EXACTLY how you're feeling 
with over
400+ different moods

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Clear, Honest, and Emotional Communication

Let your lover know your mood and what you currently desire

All relations need some form of clarity to grow and flourish. We made it easier for users, like you, to keep your relationship healthy with the Mood Status feature.

Your lover will have the option to view, validate, and comment on your moods. You can also request your partner's mood.

We chose to include this feature because it gives more
clarity to those around you about what you're feeling right now and how you want to be treated.

You'll also be able to track your own moods over time, build emotional awareness, and create personal strategies for managing your moods!

MoodMe's mood and desires feature

Keep Your Fiery Relationship Alive
Weekly Check-ins

MoodMe's Relationship Check-in Feature

Are you currently in a relationship?

If so, we have a feature for you!


This feature is called the couple’s weekly check-in. 


A relationship is like a business as two people are coming together to pursue a common goal. 


Therefore, there should be weekly meetings or check-ins to make sure that both of you are on the

same page and satisfied.

Instead of letting things build and blow up, use our weekly check-in feature to easily ask deep and important relationship questions generated by the MoodMe research team. 

Explore each other’s answers and get a relationship rating to track the progress of your relationship!

Mr. Moodling

MoodMe is revolutionary! I finally have a place to check in with my girlfriend. When this app launches it'll definitely be worth a download.

Mrs. Moodling

My emotions used to be hard to understand, and I often felt lost. I love that MoodMe has so many moods to choose from. The app really goes above and beyond in explaining the depth of different moods and makes it easy to understand. There is a lot of power in the simple technique of naming the emotion you are feeling AND being able to share it with my partner.

Junior Moodling

I love the Mood Statuses.  It really helps me understand my own moods and emotions too. It's like social media and a mood tracker all in one. A very clean, modern app for emotional communication.

Various screens of MoodMe's Emotional Communication Capabilities

Build Trust. Handle Conflict. And Create Better Relationships all with MoodMe

What Our Trialists Had to Say...

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