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10 Ways to Seduce a Pisces Man

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10 Ways to Seduce a Pisces Man


Hello Moodlings, my name is Dr. Nicole Lunan, a 10-year energy healer, emotional intelligence specialist, and the CEO and Co-Founder of MoodMe, a new app that allows you to share over 400 + moods, emotions, and desires with your lover, thus making communication simple, fun, and super easy. 


Today we are going to talk about how to seduce a Pisces man. Pisces men are complex, and this sign rules over all unseen things, including hope, faith, anxiety, depression, and love. Anything dealing with emotions, intuition, and spirituality. Pisces is named after the constellation of the fish, which wraps up all his behaviors in a nice, neat bow. Like the fish, he floats through life, dreamily thinking, “this is nice,” “the clouds like nice,” then a current of emotion comes and sweeps him up in it, spinning him in all kinds of directions. He’s very in tune with emotions, aka water, and is known to rapidly swim upstream when he feels threatened or overwhelmed. Once the current calms down, he swims dreamily again and continues to navigate the world in a slow manner.  


1. Talk about deep soulful things 


When on dates with Pisces, don’t be afraid to dive deep into stories filled with emotions, your spiritual beliefs, and the universe's origins. They don’t like to make small talk and would rather have a partner who has an active imagination or is willing to open up about their childhood trauma or psychic abilities to read others.  


2. Ask them about their Dreams 


Pisces men exist primarily in a dream-like state. They have mastered the ability to look present while their minds are off pondering what existed on this planet before dinosaurs. Pisces men are known for their big, soft, dreamy eyes. As if they have mastered the ability to see into different realities, but their physical body is tethered to the earthly realm. So, when you see them floating away from their bodies into dreamland, ask them what they are thinking about. Or you can give them space to drift away for a while and then ask them where they went when they returned. Your interest in their thoughts will make them want to be around you. 


3. Take a ride on their magical carpet ride


Ok, imagine that you are Jasmin, and your Pisces man is Aladdin. He’s going to ask you to take a ride on his magic carpet. Where are you going? To a different realm, of course. A heightened state of thoughts, emotions, and spirituality. Be open-minded when asks you to take this ride. Understand that this magic carpet ride can take many forms—an invitation to sit underneath the stars. Watch an Oscar-winning moody movie that will most likely make you cry. His favorite Pablo Neruda poem that he decided to read to you off his coffee table. A special picnic at the beach to watch the sunset with a charcuterie board and red wine. Pisces are ultra-romantic. They will woo you in a Romeo-like fashion and will take the time to plan out a thoughtful date full of fun and emotional depth. They want to fill your world with magic and remove you from life's mundane and tedious aspects. 


4. Seduce them with your best kiss 


Pisces men don’t like half-assed kissing. They want to lose themselves entirely in the kiss. They want to lose themselves with you. One of those kisses you see in the movies where the spark of electricity is seen forming as the two inch closer together. A kiss that brings you both into a different reality altogether. Pisces are always hunting for ways to be brought higher and higher into a fantastical realm. They are incredibly intimate. If you have walls up, they’ll want you to take them down so they can feel your soul and heart. Pisces are into long and torturous acts of seduction because they are naturally hedonistic and like the highs of life. 


5. Pisces lust hard and fall quickly 


Because of the Pisces man’s desire to escape reality and drop into a romance novel, they tend to “fall” quickly. However, what they’re really falling into is infatuation or an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone. This infatuation is all-consuming to a Pisces man; he will get lost in sandcastles in the sky with you, playing out a possible future with you in his head. They can become consumed in you. And create this fairy tale where you are the princess he will save and has been hunting for. Unfortunately, infatuation doesn’t mean he will commit to you in a relationship, and love takes time. Pisces men have a way of building up their lovers into an ideal version that fits them and project this person onto you. It’s effortless to get swept up into a Pisces love gust. My advice is to be yourself through and through and be cautiously optimistic; if the love is real, it will unfold in time. Don’t let them idealize you!


6. Don’t Take their tantrums Personally 


When the Pisces man doesn’t get what he wants, he can act “childlike” or throw a tantrum. It can feel like a tornado of emotion coming at you and can be confusing if you don’t know how to spot it. The best thing to do is to give the Pisces man some space to calm down and re-center his emotions, but make sure you let them know you are still there for them as they work through those deep emotions. They’ll come back around and most likely want to make amends, but it will be after they’ve gone into the depths of their souls. But yes, Pisces men can be bratty when they don’t get their way. Pisces want to do things their way, and it’s tough to change their mind. So, prepare yourself for the random thunderstorms. 


7. Pisces love is boundless


Pisces men are known for their endless and infinite amount of love. This can get them into tricky situations. Pisces men like to save their women from being unappreciated and unloved by others. They are attracted to cases where the women are unobtainable. This helps them create fantasy or romance novels. For example, a Pisces man could go for a married woman being treated terribly by her husband. He would then whisper positive and affirming words to her, thus lifting her spirits, making her feel seen, and creating a steamy affair. He would feel like a hero, and his desire for passion would be fulfilled. Hate to say this, but Pisces men are also players and share their love among many. This is because their love is boundless, and they have a lot of love to give. However, a more grounded Pisces will be able to focus on you and not that girl going through a tough time at the coffee shop on the corner. So, assess the grounding level of your Pisces before handing them all of your heart. Because once you fall into magical love land with a Pisces, it’s hard to get back on your feet.


8. Empathize with his Moodiness


Pisces men can be sulky and moody as their emotions are a bit of a roller coaster. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and emotions on their face, so you will know when this is happening.


Pisces men are burdened with low self-esteem because they are susceptible. Speak to them with empathy. Encourage them to talk about their feeling and actively listen. Empathize with his moodiness. If they bear their emotions to you and you laugh at them, they will walk the other way. 


Try to understand what it would be like to be in their shoes. They value compassionate and deeply caring people, especially in communication. Piscean men are gentle souls, so, therefore, reciprocate that and treat them gently. Give them a safe space to feel all their feelings without intervening. Show him that you can share in both his highs and lows. 


9. Don’t control him 


Pisces don’t like to be told what to do. They don’t want to be controlled. They don’t like nagging. This is the opposite of them living freely in their dream state. Pisces' motto is, “If it feels right to me, then I’m doing it.” Pisces men tend to do what’s best for them. They will still magnificently love you, but also make space for them to do what they want. However, you do what to provide them with some grounding, but communicate your thoughts in a way that doesn’t sound judgmental or controlling. 


10. Give him space to hibernate


Lastly, you’ll want to give your Pisces man space to hibernate. The outside world is filled with uncertainty and overwhelming emotions for a Pisces. They need some time to go into their man cave and decompress safely. Do not take this personally, and do not rob him of this. He will become increasingly moodier if you do. Instead, take this time to focus on yourself and your favorite activities. He will be back once he has recharged himself and released his stress.


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