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21 Ways to Kissing

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21 types of Kisses and the meaning behind each one 


What is your favorite style of kissing? Kissing is one of the most intimate acts you can do with another, and how you kiss your lover says a lot about how you feel toward your partner. With each kiss, you could unconsciously signal to your partner that you are feeling sensual, nurturing, playful, flirtatious, deeply caring + loving, dominating, submissive, and erotic. I researched and discovered that there are 21 types of kisses we can give to our partner! We most likely do these without thinking about it, but they all have different meanings behind them and can conjure and stir up different types of energy in your partner if you so choose to. So, if you're looking to spice up your love life and learn different ways of expressing your sensuality, love, and care through your beautiful lips, then you're in the right place. 


Ok, let's start with the romantic kisses 

  1. We've got the single-lip kiss. The single lip kiss involves only kissing your partner's bottom lip, or if their mouth is partially open, you can also kiss their top lip. This kiss indicates that you'd like to be playful and want to playfully give to your partner as they would be in receiving mode. This can also lead to a French kiss!

  2. A French kiss, also known as a make-out, includes a mixture of open-mouth-tongue kissing and closed. A French kiss leaves room for your tongues to express themselves and dance with each other. The tongue does count as a sex organ, and a sensitive one at that. Not only can the tongue play with your lovers, but it can also taste the very essence of another person. Generally, people want a little bit of tongue here and there; however, others enjoy the full wet experience. A wet kiss is when there is so much tongue action that your salivary glands create natural lubricant, therefore making the kiss extra slippery. So, test the waters and see which one your partner responds to the best. French kisses come with a wave of energy and are not so subtle about what could be in both of your minds next. This is more sexual and carnal than heart-centered. 

  3. The Time Stopper Kiss. We've seen this kiss many times in movies. This is one of the more romantic and heart-centered kisses you can do with your lover. This is the time-stopper kiss, where you two will literally lose time with each other as you touch lips; your souls ignite and bring you to a completely different place altogether. You're not in a rush to stop; you are incredibly present and open to giving and receiving. This kiss is slow and long; there may be some light touching of the face and smiling as you look up at each other in between. This kiss will indicate that there is a strong, energetic connection between you two, as not many can achieve this level of intimacy and closeness. 

  4. The Peck. A peck is when you simply touch your lips together and go. It's pretty quick and typically performed on the first date, as you then scurry to your car in a mixture of embarrassment, nervousness, or excitement. The Peck doesn't have to be performed on the first date, but it is typically done on the first date because it is neither super intimate nor super passionate. It's like testing the waters with a simple touch and go. 

  5. The Forehead Kiss. This is a very nurturing kiss. This is when you plant a kiss on your partner's forehead or third eye. This feels so good and has an instant calming effect on our minds. When we kiss our lover's forehead or third eye, this is our way of sending love to their mind by sending beautiful and loving energy into the third eye center. This may have happened to us as children when our fathers and mothers kissed us goodnight or went off to school. So, it may spark intense feelings of being safe, loved, and cared for. This isn't a sexual kiss, as much as it is a nurturing one, and specifically one of my all-time favorites. It is an ultimate sign of affection and unconditional love because the person is in full giving mode to the other. 

  6. Butterfly kisses are when you get cheek-to-cheek and flutter your eyelashes against the other person's eyes or face so that they feel like a butterfly's wings are kissing them. These sweet "kisses" are usually exchanged between a parent and a young child, but they can also be shared with a partner.

  7. The Licking Kiss. This is a tongue-centered and playful kiss as you trace your tongue around the outline of your partner's lips. This kiss specifically builds anticipation as you silently say to your partner, "It's time to play." 

  8. The Shoulder Kiss. This kiss happens when your partner comes behind you and gently or slowly places a kiss on your shoulder. The back of the shoulder can be a sensitive area as we are not used to receiving kisses there. This kiss can be a deep sign of love and affection, especially while you are cooking or cuddling, or it can be a sign that your partner wants to get down and dirty, especially if their kisses lead into the neck area. 

  9. Nipple Kiss. Nipple kisses are classified as erotic and can be extremely pleasurable for some people, and some women can even orgasm from them. This type of touch activates the same nerve cortex as the clitoris. Along with massaging, tracing, and pinching the breasts, kissing the nipples can bring pleasure to some.

  10. The Angel Kiss. The angel kiss is when you plant a kiss on your closed eyelid. This is typically done when you want to comfort your partner when they've been crying. Kiss their tears away. This is a very vulnerable and nurturing kiss. This is a heart-centered kiss and indicates that you care about how your partner is feeling and that you have a desire to comfort them and whisk their pain away. 

  11. Nose Kiss. This is done when you kiss your partner's nose. This is a loving, familial, nurturing kiss. It's done as an act of kindness and care as there are. It is not igniting sexual energy but a kiss that can send love to our inner children. This can show adoration and sweetness to your partner. 

  12. Hand Kiss. As seen in timepieces such as Bridgeton, when one partner gently takes the hand of another and kisses the top of it. This kiss can signify gratitude, politeness, and respect, especially if it's included with a bow. They say that this kiss can be done without any affection intentions; however, pay attention to their eye contact when they do this because this will tell you everything. Maintaining consistent eye contact in a longing or even flirtatious way can mean so much more than being polite. 

  13. Body Kisses. Body kisses are a good way to shower love on all parts of your partner's body. This includes the chest, stomach, torso, feet, and legs. This is typically done in a sensual way to arouse your partner. So there is sexual energy behind this type of kissing, and it can often be seen as foreplay. 

  14. Love Bite/Hickey. This is more like a suckling or strong suction cup effect that leaves a bruise-like mark on your lover's neck. This is a very territorial type of kiss because it leaves a visible love bit or mark on your partner, which can show the world that you are spoken for or, at the least, have been intimate with another person. These love bites can also be left on other parts of the body. 

  15. Neck Kisses. The neck is a vulnerable spot, and exposing it to your partner can signify flirtation. An invitation that you are vulnerable and want to be tempted and teased. That's why vampire movies and books have a strange yet erotic twist. Most of the time, it is a vampire and a human, and the vampire can be seen lingering over the human's neck with all the power and seductive energy in the world. And even though the human is at risk of quite literally dying, the human is still so eager and wants the vampire to be near. Neck kisses play into domination and submission or power play. The person kissing the neck has the power of life in their hands. The person receiving the neck kiss falls into submission or receiving mode, whether from the side of the neck or behind the neck. 

  16. Spider-Man Kiss. Oh, the infamous upside-down spider-man kiss. This kiss is based on the spider-man movie where spiderman hanging from a web, kisses Mary Jane (standing up straight). This can also be done if one of you stands and the other sits down. Or if one of you is lying down and the other is sitting or standing. This is a playful yet intimate kiss. A kiss that breaks the boundaries of normal kissing as your energy moves in a different direction than the standard upright. And when you kiss, you'll be able to pass energy through your chins, noses, and lips as they all touch. 

  17. Lizard Kiss. A lizard kiss is when partners kiss by touching tongues only, while the lips do not touch. The lizard kiss is certainly unique, and it's definitely not for everyone. It can be incorporated into make-out sessions, interspersed between French kissing. This is more of a sexually charged or erotic way to kiss. 

  18. Top-of-the-head- kiss. A top-of-the-head kiss usually comes from a parent or grandparent. However, lovers certainly do this to their partners as well. These can provide a sense of safety, comfort, and familiarity. They can signal the same sense of security when coming from a partner. 

  19. Cheek Kiss. Kissing someone on the cheek can be a platonic greeting gesture, and it's common for friends and family members to exchange these types of kisses in some cultures. In other situations, it can also be a good way to hint that you like someone if you're not quite ready for a lip-to-lip kiss. Usually, planting your lips firmly on the person's cheek and lingering for a moment there can add additional romantic meaning to a cheek kiss.

  20. Heart kiss. A heart kiss happens when you plant a kiss on your lover's chest right about the heart. It is done with the intention of sending loving and nurturing energy into your lover's heart. If a heart kiss is happening in your relationship, it could indicate that there is deep care for each other's feelings and emotions. 

  21. Breath Kiss. This is a very sensual form of kissing where you breathe each other's essence in. When you inhale, they exhale, and when you exhale, they inhale. This has been known to stimulate the senses as you and your partner will be brought higher. A breath kiss indicates that you are willing to take your energy deeper and explore parts of each other that may have yet to be uncovered. 


Why you should kiss your lover more!


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