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Empath Guided Meditation: Shine Your Light

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Empath Guided Meditation: Shine Your Light 


Hello Moodlings, my name is Dr. Nicole Lunan, and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of MoodMe, a new app that allows you to share over 400+ moods, emotions, and desires with your partner, thus making a complicated thing like communication simple, fun, and super easy! 


This Guided meditation is a part of the Empath Master Class Series. Dear Empath, it is time to unleash your superpowers! 


If you’re an empath, you already know that you uniquely experience the world. Empaths have the innate ability to feel other people's emotions as if they were their own. This allows them to understand people in profound and intimate ways and heal emotional pain.

Although empaths have the unique ability to feel other people’s emotions, empaths can pick up too much from others energetically. Empaths typically struggle with taking on or sponging in the weight of other people’s pain and problems.


There’s a light inside you, empath; it’s what attracts people to you in the first place. Instead of looking at yourself like a sponge, reframe and view yourself like the sun, a source of light that shines brightly onto others. You don’t have to take the emotions into yourself to heal another person. You can use your inner light and shine bright enough that the vibrations of others work to match you. This is the underlying strength of an empath. I believe that you first begin learning how to receive, and once you have mastered that, you can learn how to emit light and passively heal anyone in your space with little or no energy loss for you; why? When you raise your vibrations high enough to emit light, you, too, get healed and are left with an energetic halo. Almost as if the light itself has touched you. 


Today, we will go over a “shining light” technique that empaths find incredibly useful when clearing and uplifting the energetic space around them. Once you get this technique down, you can use it anytime you feel overwhelmed or sponging other people’s energy or want to lift the energy of the space around you.


Do this guided meditation for 30-days and watch as your life will transform. Light shining is a muscle that needs daily practice for a while on your own before you can do it with others. 


Go ahead and find a comfortable seated position, and now we shall begin. 


Close your eyes and allow yourself to find calmness with each breath. Place your hands together in your lap as we begin to bring your awareness to the core of your body,

this is where your soul lives, your very essence of life.


 I’d like you to imagine a golden spiral of cosmic dust moving ever so slowly, and in the center of the spirals, a small floating golden light. Similar to the sun, and yet much more petite. 


You realize that your light bounces up and down slowly, expands, and moves as it exists. You have an entire galaxy of light inside of you. Now that you have located your light, I’d like you to take note of its size. 


You say to yourself, “I activate the light within” and you watch as golden electric sparks begin to surround it as your light grows more prominent and rounder. 


Your light is happy that you are communicating with it; your light is delighted to connect with you.  


Next, I’d like you to focus on the top of your head, your crown chakra. Almost as if there is a flower on the top of your head, I want you to imagine it blossoming open. As I count to seven, I want you to imagine each of your flower petals blossoming open. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.  Petal by petal, open the flower that is on the top of your head so that you may nourish yourself with the light of the sun. 


Now that your crown chakra flower is open, you can soak in the light from the source, and bathe in the light of the sun. A golden beam of light reaches down and begins channeling through the top of your head and into the light source in your core. This beam of light is so charging and powerful, yet completely comforting. It begins to ease any anxiety, fear, or worry in your chest. It moves through your entire body, uplifting the vibrations of each cell. It shines through your legs and out through your toes; it shines through your arms and into your hands. 


Your entire body begins to vibrate with warmth. The sun within your chest begins to grow. Almost as if two doors that are holding your light in, open, and your personal light creates a slight iridescent glow around your body.  The combination of the beam of light you channeled mixed with your own unique light has brought you a feeling of empowerment and strength. An all-knowing feeling, deep trust, and love. Yes, unconditional love. You are not shrinking or hiding; no, you are glowing. You are standing in your power. 


To make our personal light grow even more prominent, it takes two crucial ingredients: courage and Love. You make the conscious choice to activate your inner warrior. You consciously choose to raise your vibrations to the vibration of love, one of the highest frequencies. You allow love to fuel your inner light, and it begins to grow larger and larger. You think about the love you have experienced in your life and your love for yourself. This love creates breath and expansion and enables your light to radiate outwards, thus forming a giant orb of light filled with pink and gold around you. Placing your hands together, you push your energy outwards, and your orb of pink and gold light fills the room and permeates anything and anyone in your space. Instead of shrinking under the weight of others’ thoughts and emotions, you choose to shine and expand. You expand your light to the front, to the back, to the right, to the left, below, and above you. You feel the energy running through your hands. You are powerful. You feel it radiating out of your eyes as you slowly open them and say: 


I am a warrior of light. 

I am a warrior of love. 

I am protected. 

I am guided. 

I choose to shine. 


Congratulations, we have reached the end of our guided meditation journey. This light-shining technique is like a muscle. It can be trained and quickly turned on and off with practice. It’s essential to practice light shining on your own, and then when you’re ready, perform this technique around others to help lift the vibrations. Once you can shine light, you can touch others and move the light through by laying hands on another. I would suggest practicing this technique for 30-days so that you can get the hang of it. 


Did you like our guided meditation? Please let us know in the comment section below; look out for more videos from our empath master class series. Subscribe, share and like, and see you later, Moodlings.


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