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Self Worth: Key To Manifesting

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The Key to Manifesting is Self-Worth


True self-worth originates from within. It’s not something another can give you, but something you must recognize in yourself. And once you discover your value, your power, nobody can ever take that away from you. And it is then that you will become unstoppable.


The magician yields power through confidence. And what is confidence when you really think about it? Confidence is a feeling of trust within your ability to move energy. This trust gets built over every time you decide to manifest something, and it comes to you, every time you listen to your intuition, and it turns out to be correct, every time you set an intention or a prayer, and watch as the universe brings you a solution or an answer.  


You will look at goals with a new and fun perspective because you won’t doubt whether you will achieve them or not; you’ll know it’s just a matter of time, and you will know that time is on your side. When you truly know your value, you will understand that you are not early or late for your purpose. You are always right on time. 


A common obstacle we tend to run into is when we try to manifest or will energy from a place of fear. Fear only manifests more fear. The universe has a way of smelling desperation and scarcity. Therefore, it will match your vibrations and bring your more of that. One of the only reasons you may be stuck in a scarcity mindset is because, at some point in your life, you have developed a feeling of distrust in your ability to move energy; you developed a thought pattern that you are not worthy to receive what you are asking for. 


I want you to think about your role models who are killing it in the career of your choice or who have the life you want. What separates you from them? If you think about it, many of the successful badasses had tumultuous childhoods; they had to fight and claw their way up to get even a drop of confidence and feelings of worthiness. But when they got the taste of worthiness, they allowed it to take lead in their lives. They combined that feeling of worthiness with hard work and extreme focus.  


Self-Worth + Hard Work + Focus = Manifesting 


If you are willing to work hard at something, and I mean really give it your all, and combine that with self-worth and extreme focus, you can too have that life. I truly believe that. Do you? 


And if you don’t believe me, are you willing to let go of that self-limiting belief to reprogram your subconscious mind? If so, close your eyes and really listen to the affirmations I am about to say, as it is time to take the leap of faith.


The world is a place of abundance. Starting right now, when you manifest, you will manifest from a place of abundance. There’s more than enough energy, love, and wealth to go around. If you are fearful, it’s because you are being challenged to grow. You will face your fears head-on and use them as signs of which direction you should go. The obstacle is the way. You have been chosen as a spirit to be placed into this body, into this life because the universe loves you, because you have purpose because you are of high value. You are worthy simply because you exist. Now, I want you to open the door to your self-worth and allow it to flood in. Let it wash away that adult-like skepticism and spark your inner child. The child who believes in magic and the power of the imagination. I want you to imagine a round table. And at this table are people who you strive to be like, who have successfully completed goals that you have for yourself. Next, I want you to imagine an empty seat for yourself. As you approach, they all look at you and greet you with a smile. “Welcome, they say; we’ve been waiting for you.” As you sit down at this table, you get a deep feeling of self-worth and confidence, a switch flips inside of you, and electric energy fills your soul as you say to yourself. “I deserve a seat at this table.” 


Now, I want you to make a promise to yourself that your actions and hard work will align with your vision. When things get hard, that’s a signal to keep going. Don’t take no for an answer. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Look at fear or nervousness as a sign that you are growing and getting closer to your desires. And when you reach your goals, when you have successfully manifested the life you desire. I want you to remember that the power is and was within you the entire time. You just had to believe in yourself to allow it to manifest. 


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